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For many years, several companies have faced the challenge of sourcing for skilled tradesmen (blue collar workers) in Nigeria.

When Decke Vocational Academy commenced operations in 2017, the objective was to train and produce skilled workforce in trades like Furniture making, masonry, carpentry, plumbing, painting, electrical, HVAC, Interior Design, Bar bending, 2D/3D, Welding, Aluminium installation, upholstery, Formwork carpentry, etc and place them in jobs at construction or manufacturing companies through internship opportunities.

Till date we have trained over 1,200 students and counting. We work with a Learning and Development Team to research courses that have high positive impact on employability for youths and we develop teachable learning methods through our updated curriculum to ensure this happens.

We empower young men and women with the right technical skills needed for career advancement or Entrepreneurship in various fields to enable them fend for themselves with our virtual and physical classrooms.

To make this a reality, We would love to work with sponsors for our youths programs all year round. Our Training Hub has a current capacity to train 300-400 students at a time. Do kindly click the link below to start up a discussion with us if you are open to collaborative projects.

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