Furniture Making & Upholstery


The Furniture making class is fully hands-on practical.

You Identify, select and know how to safely use hand and power tools in an organized work place.

You Understand how to measure accurately and how to use various layout tools, determine the appropriate dimensions and specifications from shop prints and synthesize the tasks and skills required to create a furniture.

You understand the basics of joinery in order to produce strong joints of simple and advanced designs.

You receive knowledge on how to properly select and use fasteners for a project.

You understand how to select and apply stains, paints, vanishes, lacquers and polyurethane to produce a successful finishing operation.

You understand the intricacies of a thorough design process.

You know how to properly glue panels.

Safe and effective use and maintenance of a broad range of hand tools.

Construction techniques, including manipulating, joining and jointing timber and timber-based materials
Basic furniture forms, frames and carcasses.

Surface preparation and finishing.

Fabric covering and texturing.

Health and safety within furniture and furnishing making environments.

Tools and equipment in furniture making and furnishings.

Materials in furniture making and furnishings.

Furniture making by hand.

Preparation and wood finishing methods in furniture making.

Using machinery to cut, plane, mould and joint furniture components.

Amongst many other inclusions subject to importance with respect to the course.